Legally Confident for Young Lawyers

How to take control of your confidence and wellbeing | taught by Lisa Phillips

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Why do so many lawyers lack confidence?

As lawyers, it's common to experience moments of self-doubt and lack of confidence. For example:

  • We take hits to our confidence if we can’t get the result our client expects.
  • We are constantly challenged to step outside our comfort zone and face new challenges, which may feel uncomfortable.
  • We may have to undertake a major contract negotiation (maybe even against some tough major firm colleagues), and we feel our confidence diminish.
  • We may have had other people knock our confidence - such as toxic law firm partners, competitive colleagues, opposing counsel, or even nasty clients.
  • We may be fearful about our lack of knowledge or lack of experience, particularly when our client is relying on us to get it right.

Why do lawyers need confidence?

  • Being a lawyer is all about communication - whether your communication is written or verbal, the key ingredient to any effective communication really is confidence!
  • Without confidence, we may lack the motivation to take risks, which can lead to us missing out on opportunities.
  • Clients and colleagues will react more positively to a confident lawyer as it engenders trust and authority.
  • Confidence makes us feel better about ourselves, which makes us better lawyers.
  • Quite often we need to present or speak publically (maybe in court or in a meeting with clients or colleagues) - this can be an excruciating experience if we lack confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

How can this course help you?

By taking this course you will learn:

  • The Real Meaning of Confidence.
  • What can impact and affect your confidence
  • The truth about confidence and where it comes from
  • What stops you from being a confident lawyer
  • How you can take control of your confidence, including 10 easy to adopt, powerful tips

Although this course is specifically designed with young lawyers in mind - it is an equally valuable resource for any lawyer who feels they will benefit from increasing their confidence.

How does this course work?

This course is presented as a video-style presentation.

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You can access this course on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Learn anytime, at your own pace

You can learn whenever you like, at a pace that suits you. This course is provided on demand.

You can start, stop and resume a course any time, and you can access it as many times as you like once you purchase this course.

Earn CPD/CLE credits - 1 point


Lawyers in all Australian States and Territories can earn 1 CPD / CLE credit for completing this course (Professional Skills category).


Lawyers based outside of Australia need to check the requirements for CPD / CLE credits in their own States.

P.S. Here is the good news:

Everyone has suffered moments of self-doubt. You are certainly not alone. Research shows that everyone has the ability to build their confidence - it takes knowledge of how to do so, and like any other skill, practice!

Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips
Confidence Coach

Lisa Phillips is one of Sydney’s most inspiring and leading confidence, resilience and empowerment experts. Lisa is the author of 'The Confidence Coach' book and is a regular on TV, Radio and a wide range of business and lifestyle magazines.

A former Internal Auditor working across 15 countries for a UK multinational company, Lisa has also held Management roles in Training, Engagement and Communication in the UK, Singapore and Australia. Lisa’s vast experience in the Corporate World gives her a balanced view of both the Self Development and the Business World.

Lisa holds a range of qualifications including PIIA and MIIA (Institute of Internal Auditors UK); Business and Finance (UK); Advanced Diploma in Management; Diploma in Freelance Journalism; Diploma in Women’s Counselling and a Practitioner Level in IT Audit (Institute of Internal Auditors UK).

Lisa is a Master NLP Practitioner, and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate in Workplace, Life & Business Coaching.

Lisa is also an accredited DDI Facilitator, Hogan Assessment Practitioner and Member of the Institute of Learning Practitioners.

In addition to running workshops for universities and businesses, Lisa also provides Coaching to a wide range of personal and corporate clients, having founded ‘Amazing Coaching’ in 2001.

In 2015 Lisa was a finalist in the NSW Coach of the Year award and a Bronze Stevie Winner in the category of 'Coach or Mentor of the Year’. In 2014 and 2015, she was awarded a Bronze Stevie Award for her work helping people with confidence.

For more information, please see for client and company testimonials.

Lisa Philips

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Legally Confident for Young Lawyers
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